Painting «Ukraine is the capital of great people»
Canvas on cardboard (cotton), diameter 30 cm, acrylic, technique - fluid art. The picture is presented in a single copy.

The work of art will be suitable as a gift to yourself or someone you like. It is also a good option for a gift for a colleague or acquaintances, because even if you don’t know the person, the picture is a win-win situation, which he or she will definitely like.

The picture is ideal for interior design. Due to the unusual shape (circle) and technique, the product will give charm and individuality to your room.

The fluid is unpredictable and fascinating art technique. The artist can direct the movement of the paint, but it is impossible to pave the exact route, so the final version is a combination of skills of the creator, wind, paint movement and color combination. Therefore, writing such pictures for me is like living a different story every time.

Painting «Ukraine is the capital of great people»

  • Details

    Acrylic on canvas, diameter 30 cm.