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About Ukrainians4Ukrainians

Glory to Ukraine!


  With love to Ukraine and belief in the Ukrainian nation, we are launching a project whose aim is to generate the resilience needed to help us get out of the war and rebuild our country.   


  We believe that donations are critical -  like badly needed triage -  but they will end one day. Creating ongoing income generation for the millions whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed by this invasion is what is really necessary to build the resilience needed going forward.   


  We believe that as Ukrainians, we must rebuild our country, our identity, and our future.  This will only be possible only by investing our skills and efforts towards our own financial independence.  By building stable income sources for those who lost them, we can invest in the resolution of the war in Ukraine and the rebuilding of our country.   We believe in a democratic, strong and independent Ukraine and we believe we can build it.


  Our first project is a marketplace that will help Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes and lost their income, as well as Ukrainian businesses, to start generating income again.   This will be essential both during and after the war. 


  In this marketplace you will see products made by Ukrainian hands.   We will be selling them to those who would like to support us during this challenging time and invest in helping us renew our movement towards an independent and democratic future.  Ukrainian refugees and small businesses will sell handmade goods and products which they produced, and this will generate income for them.  Their personal stories will be shared on the site, as our end goal is not to sell goods, it is to support these people and help to rebuild our country despite the horror which is happening on our land.    


  In addition, all of the profits generated from the marketplace will either be donated to Ukrainian funds or will be used to support Ukrainian families that lost their homes as a result of the russian invasion.


  From our side, we will be involving friends and organizations from many different countries, all of whom are ready to support us by spreading the word and making  this marketplace available to buyers around the world.  


  If you are interested in joining the project or have ideas on how to make it more successful, we encourage you to contact us.

  Help us build something to help ourselves.


  We stand with Ukraine!


Best regards,

the Ukrainians4Ukrainians team

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